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How Jeyachandran Textiles Transformed Pallikaranai in Chennai

Jeyachandran Textiles is a hallmark of the south Indian textile industry, led by its charismatic and dynamic chairman Thiru S. Jeyachandran, it has grown leaps and bounds in the past few decades. Backed with immense experience in the textile wholesale business for about 20 years, Ramachandran Textiles was started in the 80’s in a humble way at Thiruvananthapuram. With amazing procurement and sales strategies and by chalking out brilliant marketing plans, the textile outlet transformed the way fashion retail reaches the mass population of the city.In 1998, Jeyachandran Textile opened its first showroom at Ranganathan Street, Chennai. Quality textiles for the whole family at affordable prices were the moto of the shop and this was well received by the people thus making them ardent supporters and frequent shoppers in the store. This resulted in a phenomenon, transforming the brand today into the retail giant that we witness today.

Following the success in the textile domain, the group successfully set its foot in the challenging retail jewellery space with the launch of Jeyachandran Gold House in 2001 at Thyagaraya Nagar and Ranganathan Street and in 2006 a new store was opened at Tambaram. With a business strategy of valuing customers’ needs and making quality gold jewellery available at affordable prices the golden tradition of the masses investing in gold began.

The group with the purchase of 43-acre land created Jeyachandran Nagar and thus partnering in its development which gave way to the rise of the real estate value of the area greatly. They were instrumental in giving off the land at throw away prices and not increasing the price of the land even when the market value increased over the years. This encouraged people to invest in the area in fact making it one of the premier investment destinations in the country and making them settle down in the area.

According to a 2012 report by global property consultant Knight Frank, Pallikaranai and its neighborhood has emerged as India’s 11th largest destination for investment in the residential real estate, in the list of 13-top residential destinations in the country from an investment point of view, where housing prices are expected to increase by 93 percent. Today, there are over 2500 families who reside in Jayachandran Nagar who have immensely benefited by the contribution of the group. As a crown to the area the brand new ‘Fantastic Jeyachandran’ showroom, which is located at the entrance of Jeyachandran Nagar, is viewed as an important landmark to the location, as it is set to impact the lives of everyone in the neighborhood in a very positive manner. The Showroom is designed in a very spacious manner with four effective floors and houses all the items required for the day to day needs of its customers. You can purchase textiles, cosmetics, footwear, electronics, groceries and everything you would need under one roof making this a place next to your home that the whole family would like to spend time in.

Fantastic Shopping in Four Floors:
With a deep understanding of customer requirement and by not making them to tediously and laboriously shift floor after floor in search of their everyday items we tried to simplify the shopping experience by providing all the items in just four floors. The showroom is expansive and all items are placed in a very diligent manner so that customers have seamless shopping experience with enough space for everyone to explore the store in a leisure manner. The store is not only stocked with your favorite goods but also with good customer representatives who would assist you in all aspects and giving a pleasant and great shopping experience.